Top Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

pest control services in hyderabad

Pest Control

Our Pest Control service includes:

Experienced within the industry, our exterminators deliver pest control services that are unmatched in the city. We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of customers throughout the surrounding areas. Turn to our reputable specialists when the pests in your property are becoming an issue. We only use approved traps.

Our pest control services for domestic business’s provide expert technicians that will provide a thorough survey before we begin. You can trust us to provide the most effective solution to resolve the problem

What We Do:

1. Spraying: for control of mosquitos, ants and house flies

2. Gel Treatment : for Control of Cockroaches and ants

3. Rodent control : Placement of cakes and pads for rodent control

What We Don't Do:

  • Treatment for Lizards, termites and bandicoots
  • Filling or closing of entry holes for the rodents, mice
  • Fixing of nets for mosquito control


Things to remember:

  • Please do not use hit or mortien for cockroaches at treated area
  • Do not wash or wipe immediately after treatment
  • Do not preserve the food and perishable after the life span
  • Do not over spray or use any other pest control chemicals