Chair & Sofa Cleaning Services in Hyderabad

Sofa cleaning services in hyderabad

Upholstery Cleaning

Our UPHOLSTERY CLEAN service includes:

Sofas and chairs can be expensive household items and regular professional cleaning will help to extend their life. Our chosen method is to use hot water extraction. It’s certainly one of the best proven methods for deep upholstery cleaning.

Our operatives are fully trained to recognize the different fabrics and, if necessary, they will do a color fast test and pile test before they begin cleaning. Of course, some fabrics can only be cleaned by a dry cleaning process and staff will advise you of this on the day.

What We Do:

1. Brushing: complete sofa, chair, cushions, carpets, rugs and mats

2. Vacuuming: Complete sofa, chair, cushions, under the sofa and other accessories

3. Spotting :  Special treatment given for the hard stains on the sofa, chair and cushions

4. Foam Cleaning : Spraying of foam on the surface and brushing with required tools

5. Extracting : Extracting will done for unwanted foam and left over water from the foam, sofa, chair or cushions

6. Wiping : Wiping with fresh cloth after the complete process

What We Don’t Do:

  • Mending, tightening, repairing of torn, damaged or broken parts
  • Replacement of sofa, chair bases
  • Polishing of legs, bases or stands

Things to Remember

  • Please check the quality of your fabric or sofa, we held no warranty for the damage of the cloth during the process, however our team explain the facts before starting the work
  • Please do not use the fabric sofa for next 6 hours after cleaning done, switch on the fans for at least 3 hours after the cleaning done